AegonLife SmartNext

Project Highlights

– An intelligence mapping program for students with a test to help students to explore their
interest and inclinations
– 60,000 kids from 220 schools across 21 cities participated in this unique event

Project Gallery

AegonLife SmartNext – Kids Engagement

Aegon Life insurance company offers term insurance for up to 100 years in India.  Aegon Life wanted to reach out to parents through school kids in order to promote their services and do marketing to kids. Aegon collaborated with Victor Tango in order to curate a property and create branded content, which will help them understand themselves and plan their future accordingly. AEGON believed that every child has the ability to shine in life if he/she receives the right guidance and is shown the right way. Hence, they launched “Smartnext- an endeavor that celebrates every child.” This was an intelligence mapping program organized for kids engagement based on the principles of multiple intelligence, structured to help students explore their interests, preferred learning styles and map them to derive several important aspects of their learning styles.