Classmate Spell Bee

Project Highlights

Classmate Spell Bee Season 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

– 325,000 Participants
– 1025 Schools in 35 cities
– Integrated media campaign
– Televised on Discovery Network
– Largest property in the country for kids
– Calendar Event for children and schools

Project Gallery

School Engagement & Kids Competitions India for Classmate Spell Bee

ITC Classmate is the largest notebook brand in the country.

Classmate wanted to create a school contact program with the help of school outreach agencies which would keep kids hooked and help them increase Classmate’s brand awareness. Hence they created a larger than life property in the world of spellings to encourage learning through school activity. Classmate Spell Bee is India’s largest spelling competition. Being one of the pre-eminent kids competitions in India, it ensures large kids engagement that helps the company in creating a greater impact.

The objective of the property, that is one of the best Kids competitions in India, is to inculcate the habit of spelling correctly amongst school students in India as a part of/ through school activity amidst the enveloping epidemic of predictive and intuitive texting and writing on computers and phones.