EPIC Master Speaker

Project Highlights

– Channel promotion
– Elocution competition for kids
– 6 city activation

Project Gallery

Kids Activation School Contact Program – EPIC Master Speaker

With India-centric content, Epic channel is India’s leading infotainment platform. The channel has a variety of informative shows for children and hence wanted to reach out to kids through schools by organizing school activation programme. Being the market leaders in school contact programme and line production, Epic channel partnered with Victor Tango to design a school outreach program which will not only help them reach out to schools but also add value to every kid’s life. Elocution lessons help a child improve their communication skills and ultimately become more persuasive when they speak, and hence a school competition called “Epic Master Speaker” was launched. Epic Master Speaker was an elocution competition conducted across 6 cities in India. Kids, as a part of their school activity dressed up as various historic characters and delivered speeches. 3 winners were chosen in every school.